The Vision

Came for the social … Stayed for the SWEAT

The root of this tagline sparked in 2016 during a small workout class in a basement studio. It has since grown into a testimony that many more recognize, relate to, and encompass. 

We want to use this tagline to motivate people in all areas of their lives and encourage others to be the best version of themselves. 

Today, this slogan has a deeper meaning. It is greater than fitness and physical health. This expands to the mental and emotional health of our beings. SOCIAL provides us with many opportunities. It brings laughter, friendship and companionship.. SWEAT is something that keeps our body healthy; a privilege taken for granted by many. Sweat for the endorphins, the positive feelings, and the calmness. Be proud of your abilities no matter what they are.

‘Healthy’ looks different on everyone. Each of our journeys is unique. Let us come together and support each other with whatever our health goals are. A walk with a friend, a group workout, a family bike ride, a solo meditation session, a breath of fresh air… your opportunities are limitless.  It is not about competing! It is about support and creating an environment that we thrive in, which echoes, encouraging others to thrive as well. Be resilient. Be contagious. Focus on the positives. Be grateful for what you can do right now. Be accountable. Your body is amazing. You can do it!

We have unlimited tools to be our best.  Use the freedom we have been given to pursue what sets your heart on fire.